9 Processes that Every MRO Needs

Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) companies and Complex Job Shops operate under a unique set of challenges.  Unlike distributors or stock manufacturers that focus on a concise mix of products, the MRO and Complex Job Shop provider must be prepared to deal with the unexpected and unknown on a daily basis.

This flexibility presents a challenge for most system implementers, and standard software solutions available on the market today may not be up to the job.

At ProMRO, we understand the challenges faced by MRO companies and Complex Job Shops. And we understand the additional challenges faced by those in the aviation equipment repair industry: FAA requirements, serial tracking, tracking labor, expenses, inventory, customer service management, accurate quoting, and more. 

In the past, it may have been necessary for MROs to maintain quotes in one system while collecting time data in another. Without a complete MRO solution, data had to be re-entered, validated, confirmed, and consolidated, an extensive and time-consuming task.

We’ve pinpointed nine processes that every MRO should look for in their technology solution and that you’ll find in ProMRO:

Our ProMRO solution addresses these challenges while providing a system that allows you to control variables so that all activities can be accurately measured while you streamline the supporting details down to the accounting level.

1. Accurate Quotations:

The quotation and bidding process is crucial to the sustainability of your business. Optimize this process by calculating the cost of each specific service with standardized processes.  Ultimately, you can reduce costs and enable your business to take on more complex jobs while still meeting the needs of your clients.

2. Work Scope Communications:

To keep all workers on the same page and to prevent out-of-scope work, proposals and tasks are communicated uniformly through the job shop application.

3. Time and Expense Entry:

Shop personnel can add time, inventory items used, item requirements, off-site expenses, notes, and even pictures of equipment for verification.  All this is available in a user-friendly interface that can be accessed on any mobile device.  Staff can remain billable rather than bogged down completing admin tasks.

4. Integrated Procurement:

Being able to link all Purchase Orders to Job controls eliminates unauthorized spending, and ensures that all job-related PO’s are included at the time of invoicing.

5. Traceability:

Requirements for tracking and tracing vary by industry, but you should have access to tools that allow you to achieve the appropriate level for your business and legislative requirements. Keep organized with on-demand tracking of resources and inventory consumed for a job.

6. Compliance:

Compliance regulations also vary by industry. Aviation MROs must produce 8130 & 337 documents, and have the ability to turn on FAA approved vendors and parts.  Log-book entry of completed work can be delivered electronically and provides customers and the FAA with a concise record of what was done.

7. Streamlined Invoicing:

With invoicing housed in the same system as all your project details, accounting can resolve exceptions easily and quickly. The use of approval workflows will improve office efficiency by eliminating excess paper and endless emails. The workflow checks assure that nothing falls through the cracks.

8. Financial Efficiency:

All financials should be effectively recorded and accessible for streamlined auditing, reporting, and analysis.

9. Key Performance Indicators:

Summation of the centralized data into performance measurements to help in evaluating the efficiency of any department will keep you and your team on track and headed toward your organizational goals

The ProMRO solution meets the challenges of MROs and gives them the technology they need to succeed in a changing marketplace.

ProMRO is developed by Clients First Business Solutions and embedded within Acumatica Cloud ERP. If you’d like to know more about the ProMRO solution for Acumatica, contact our experts at Clients First or call 800-331-8382

By Clients First Business Solutions, www.cfbs-us.com

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