ProMRO Modules and Features

Embedded within Acumatica, implementing ProMRO with its seamless integration allows you to manage MRO sales and operations exceedingly well within one database/ERP solution. If you have other lines of business such as parts distribution, manufacturing, or even field services, the solution can manage those too. Review this list of additional functionality available with ProMRO.  

Features and Functionality of ProMRO

Utilize the complete Acumatica ERP solution including Manufacturing if needed. ProMRO enhances core Acumatica functionality within Projects, Inventory and CRM.

Service Profiles

  • Service Profiles take the guess work out of standard services and/or repairs.
  • Create easy to use, repeatable, defined templates that include standardizing material, labor, expenses needed for repairs, overhaul, etc.
  • Easily tailored to meet client’s needs.
  • Create equipment specific or manufacturer model Service Profiles to ensure consistency.

Customer Equipment/Aircraft Tracking

  • Ability to track Aircraft or Customer Equipment and any Item Requirements, estimates, and work done on the specific equipment.
  • Search by serial number and/or N number.

Core Tracking

  • Easily and automatically create core fee lines on sales orders and RMA’s for core return items.
  • Track expected core returns with reports on your dashboard and/or reporting.

Quick Item Search

  • Intuitive product search mechanism in which items can be grouped into categories that sales or purchasing can follow right down the tree structure ensuring selection of the appropriate product for the category and increasing upselling opportunities by showing items as a group rather than stand alone.
  • Make finding items for estimates, sales orders, and/or purchase orders seamless by utilizing a tree style approach.
  • Combine items into sensible categories so customer support can easily find parts and related parts by viewing what is available in a specific category.
  • Allows you to leverage the power of  an inventory search mechanism that allows you to find the parts that you need quickly and readily.
  • Place purchase orders or issue stock directly from a project/workorder.
  • Create work order instructions and even manufacturing production orders from the project (manufacturing module is required for production)

Customer Equipment Tracking

  • Ability to track Customer Equipment and any estimates and work done on the specific equipment.


  • Optional – CRM for sales and marketing is an optional module.
  • Work with prospects and customers to create an estimate using Service Profiles or Quick Item Search functionality right from the Opportunities page.
  • View revenue and cost budgets to make changes on the fly to ensure profitability and margins.
  • When the estimate is won convert to a project using standard
  • Acumatica Project functionality. All information, items, services, and notes entered on the original estimate are retained and transferred over to the project.

Balances Tab

This great feature from Project is also available when using Opportunities so you can review budgets and make changes on the fly.

Project Adder Functionality

Additional out of scope work can be easily estimated and then added to the original project already in progress by utilizing the Adder functionality.

Scheduled Maintenance Tracking

Keep track of when inspections are due so customers can be notified in advance.

Time Tracking

Biometric timesheet entry is in development along with an easy to use start and stop for your staff – if desired.  

Aviation Special Features

  • Download the FAA Aircraft registry database so all aircraft information is on hand.
  • Utilize the download for targeting marketing opportunities.
  • Generate FAA 8130-3 automatically for specified parts. Other compliance documents are available.

Available Add-ons:

  • CRM, Optional, but Recommend 
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Intercompany Accounting
  • Fixed Assets
  • Deferred Revenue & Contracts
  • Field Services
  • Customer Portal
  • Point of Sale or Counter Sales
  • eCommerce
  • Manufacturing (optional)
  • Integration to PartsBase

NO per user license fee if more than 5 to 10 users are needed, SMB Edition starts with 5 users and can increase to 10.  Advanced Edition allows for unlimited users with no per user license fee.

ProMRO with Acumatica Modules

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  • Financial Suite
  • Distribution
  • ProMRO
  • CRM (optional)
  • Manufacturing (optional)

NO per user license fee if more than 5 to 10 users are needed, SMB Edition starts with 5 users and can increase to 10.  Advanced Edition allows for unlimited users with no per user license fee.

If you would like to see Acumatica and ProMRO in action or if you just want to learn more about the product, just call us at 800-331-8382 or email us at

If you are an Acumatica Partner, please reach out to us at or call 800.331.8382.

  • Contact ProMRO

  • Top Features of ProMRO

    • Mobility, available on any Internet-enabled device
    • Ease of use
    • Powerful searching
    • Job profit/loss visibility
    • Fast quotation
    • Fast work order creation
    • Customer repair & sales history
    • Accurate, real-time inventory
    • Multi-warehouse & location
    • Multi-company & currency
    • Complete ERP