Enable Shop Floor Techs to Provide Real-Time Profitability Data

ProMRO Shop App

ProMRO is an advanced and resilient set of modules that seamlessly integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP. By leveraging its real-time data and user-friendly shop floor app, ProMRO provides our customers with immediate access to valuable insights on job profitability.


The ProMRO Shop Kiosk is an Internet-based shop kiosk and mobile app specifically designed to streamline project and work order management within ProMRO. This innovative tool allows mechanics and technicians on the shop floor to effortlessly track labor time, create corrective actions, and even order additional parts in real-time, all through a single, convenient platform. The Kiosk can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for shop floor personnel.

To log into the Kiosk, shop personnel can either scan their employee badge or manually enter their number. Once logged in, they have the option to scan the task card or enter the task ID number. Additionally, tasks can be easily searched using the provided button. Once the task ID number or barcode is scanned/entered, the corresponding task will appear, automatically initiating the time entry for the job. By clicking into the task, various options become available, including creating corrective actions, non-routine tasks, parts requests, marking a task as complete, or suspending work temporarily.


In situations where additional work or repairs are discovered during the completion of a routine task, ProMRO allows for the creation of non-routine tasks. These tasks involve defects found within the normal repair scope and are directly related to the original work scope. Depending on business requirements, non-routine tasks can be submitted as estimates to the customer, approved by a manager, or both. Creating a non-routine task is a simple process of selecting the button, entering the necessary details, and saving the task.


The ProMRO Shop Kiosk also enables users to easily request or review parts and materials needed to complete a task. By selecting the parts request button, users can effortlessly search inventory, add parts, and view the status of required inventory. The system automatically connects to Acumatica when searching for a specific part number, providing up-to-date information on part availability. Users can then add the required parts to their request, specify the quantity needed, and set the priority level. This real-time update ensures accurate item requirements within the work order.


Returning to the main screen, users can choose to mark a task as complete if all work has been finished or stop work temporarily and resume at a later time. Marking a task as complete requires the addition of a corrective action statement, which updates the work order line by including the time spent and changing the status to supervisor approval, following the workflow. This ensures that tasks cannot be updated if tools are checked out or if parts and materials have not been issued.


Once a task is complete and assigned to a supervisor, they have the authority to redirect the entry, change the status back to active, or update it to inspection. An inspector then reviews the work and either rejects it or marks it as inspection complete for invoicing.

Now, doesn’t the ProMRO Shop Kiosk sound like an invaluable tool for your MRO techs and inspectors? To see a live demonstration for your team, don’t hesitate to contact us at 800.331.8382 or email info@promrosoftware.com.


Nothing replaces a live presentation so please reach out to us to discuss your business requirements and schedule a demonstration.  Please call us at 800.331.8382 or send us an email to info@promrosoftware.com.

  • STS Aviation Group

    With ProMRO, we now have a powerful, highly efficient MRO application that can grow with us,” says Wire. “Anyone deploying it in aviation can gain a similar competitive edge.

    Rob Wire
    Vice President, Information Technology
    STS Aviation Group